noun go (to) bye-byes BrE an expression meaning go to sleep, used by or to children

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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  • bye-byes — /bīˈbīz/ (informal) noun (used to children) sleep, esp in go to bye byes ORIGIN: Prob bye bye, perh with influence from beddy byes * * * bye byes «BY BYZ», noun (plural). = sleep. (Cf. ↑sleep) * * * ˈbye byes 7 noun …   Useful english dictionary

  • bye-byes — n go (to) bye byes BrE an expression meaning go to sleep, used by or to children …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • bye-byes — noun a child s word for sleep. Origin C19: from the sound bye bye, long used as a refrain in lullabies …   English new terms dictionary

  • go (to) bye-byes — go (to) ˈbye byes idiom (BrE, informal) used by small children or to small children, to mean ‘go to sleep’ Main entry: ↑bye byesidiom …   Useful english dictionary

  • bye-bye — Colloquial –interjection /baɪ ˈbaɪ / (say buy buy) 1. goodbye. –noun /ˈbaɪ baɪ / (say buy buy) (plural bye byes) 2. (with children) (plural) sleep: go to bye byes …  

  • bye-bye — 1. int. colloq. = GOODBYE. Etymology: childish corrupt. 2. n. (also bye byes) (a child s word for) sleep. Etymology: ME, f. the sound used in lullabies …   Useful english dictionary

  • byes — bye bye …   Glossary of chat acronyms & text shorthand

  • Bye (cricket) — In the [sport] of cricket, a bye is a run scored by the batting team when the ball has not been hit by the batsman and the ball has not hit the batsman s body.Normally, if the ball passes the batsman without being deflected, the wicket keeper… …   Wikipedia

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  • bye — I UK [baɪ] / US interjection *** goodbye Bye for now – see you later. II UK [baɪ] / US noun [countable] Word forms bye : singular bye plural byes a situation in which a player or a team does not have an opponent at a particular stage of a… …   English dictionary

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